It's More About The Experience

You don't just want a quality brand aluminum RV trailer, you want great long-term service, and a worry-free adventure with the great outdoors.

We make that happen ... Learn how.

Fun begins before you drive away.

At Moore Custom Trailer it is our goal to make you happy, even before you decide to buy an aluminum trailer, cargo hitch, or get your RV serviced by us.

Adventure awaits at Moore Custom Trailers

Camping will never be the same.

Enjoy the great outdoors in comfort knowing that you brought one of the finest trailers / haulers around, and it is fully supported by the experts at Moore Custom Trailers.

Discover the Moore Difference

A Guide for 1st Time Buyers

Helpful tips on selecting the perfect trailer and ideas for making a lifetime of memories with the people you love.

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Ultimate Trailer Maintenence Guide

Packed full of information on understanding how to care for your trailer, plan trips wisely, and enjoy your RV for all four season.

Owning a trailer 101

Learn the basics of owning a recreational vehicle and learn about all the options that make it easier to go RVing.

Custom Aluminum Trailer

ATC - Customized Raven
ATC - Customized Quest
RC Trailer - Custom Aluminum
RC Trailer - Custom Steel

Request a custom build.


Livin Lite RV - Polaris
Livin Lite RV - Quicksilver VRV
Livin Lite- Ignite
Livin Lite - Bearcat
Crossroads RV - Altitude


Cross Roads RV - Altitude
Cross Roads RV - Elevation
Livin Lite - Camplite
Prime Time RV - Crusader
Prime Time RV - Crusader Lite
Prime Time RV - Sanibel
Prime Time RV - Spartan


Livin Lite - Camplite
Prime Time RV - Avenger
Prime Time RV - Avenger ATI
Prime Time RV - LaCrosse
Prime Time RV - Tracer
Prime Time RV - Tracer Air
Cross Roads RV - Altitude


Livin Lite - Quicksilver Pop up Camper
Livin Lite - Jeep Edition Pop up Camper

I’d like to haul toys in my trailer

Travel Trailers
Fifth Wheel

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I’d like to tow my rv

Length: 11'-21'

Length: 22'-33'

Length: 34'-45'

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Michiana’s Leading RV Hauler and Custom Trailer Dealer

If you are in the market for an aluminum custom trailer.

The choices can seem confusing.

Fortunately, it does not need to be that way.

Moore Custom TrailersThe team at Moore Custom Trailers, in Nappanee, Indiana has the sale experience and RV product knowledge to help you design, select, and manage your next cargo trailer or sports hauler for life.

Offering a vast array and unique selection of custom hauling vehicles, the Moore Custom Trailers team is focused on one thing…

Guiding you to successfully enjoying life as an owner of a trailer.

In addition to custom aluminum trailers and specialty steel haulers, we encourage you to check out Moore’s deals from the in-stock inventory.

If you find something you like, but, wish it had an extra feature – please let us know.

Moore Custom Trailer - Indiana trailer dealer

Zero Trailer Manufacturer to Hauler Dealer Transportation Fees

Since Moore Custom Trailers is located strategically between U.S. 6, Indiana State Road 15 and Indiana State Road 19, we DO NOT CHARGE you a manufacturer transportation fee.

This means instant savings on your general cargo, toy, travel, and/or specialty trailer.Zero RV trailer manufacture to hauler dealer fees

Brands Carried By Moore Custom Trailers

We stock and special order aluminum and steel sport haulers, cargo trailers, specialty haulers, and custom trailers from the following Indiana RV Trailer manufacturers.

Order An Aluminum Trailer / Steel Hauler From Moore And Get More!

We do not solely sell trailers and than let you off to haul on your own.

Instead, we are here to help you extend the life and usage of your new toy.

We offer retro-fit solutions like Curt hitches, to on-going user product knowledge via our blog, and full maintenance and repair service and 800 number support.

The Choice Is Clear … Get Your Next Hauler From Moore Custom Trailers