Advantages of Jeep Camping

Written by Jess Weaver on December 19, 2016

Camping is a way to get out in the wilderness and explore the beauty of nature. However, jeep camping is a whole other ballpark. Instead of just being in nature, you can really explore it all while in a jeep. Here are the advantages of jeep camping:

You can Explore More

When you have a jeep out in the wilderness, you can explore more.

Whether you are lifted or not, rough terrain has no match for you. Get off the trail and take the path less traveled.

When you have a jeep, you can go more than off-roading, you can EXPLORE. You’ll be able to get a good idea of an area without stepping foot into rough terrain yourself.

With great traction, maneuverability, and articulation, you can go on virtually any terrain with a jeep.

Great for Emergencies

You never know what could happen while you’re out in the wild.

Having a jeep while camping means that you have a way to tow other vehicles, maneuver terrain and get to someone quicker than on foot.

Need to see at night? awesome, jeeps are some of the only vehicles that can be modified to fit the users needs. Aftermarket light bars and lights can turn your night into day.

Need more than a land vehicle? Great, Jeeps many times have been know to trek through water that most vehicle cannot handle, removing your Drain plugs is essential and adding a snorkel will only add to the abilities of your jeep.

When something unexpected happens, owning a jeep can make all the difference. Coming properly equipped with a few essentials can make all the difference in a trialing time. Winches, D-rings, CB radios, and aggressive tires, and many things mentioned above can sometimes mean the difference in emergency situation!

No Need for a Tent

When you have a jeep, you can pretty much get it where ever you want it to be. So, instead of packing a tent that you have to set up, drive your jeep where you want it. Sleep in your jeep instead of on the ground. Popup campers can easily be attached to your jeep and make a great camping much simpler.

It Works as a Camp Chair

Jeep camping means you always have a chair. Just pop the back hatch and pop a squat. Whenever you have a jeep, you can drive it right up to the campsite and use it as a portable camp chair. Of course, there are seats in the front as well for a little R&R without popping up the whole camper.

Room for Everything

You don’t have to pack light with a jeep. Because a jeep is built for travel and off-road adventures, you can pack anything and everything and fit it in your jeep. Utilize the back hatch for camping gear essentials and put your bigger gear on top of your jeep for extra room. Another great thing about the jeep popup camper is that you can have everything you need in the camper as well. When you have a jeep, you have multiple options.

You can Pull Extras

One of the great advantages of a jeep is that you can pull extra items that won’t fit in your jeep behind you. If you plan on going out on the water with a boat, you can pull it behind your jeep. If you need an extra trailer full of essentials, you can pull it behind your jeep. Maybe you don’t want to pack your jeep every time you go camping. Keep a trailer packed and attach it to the back of your jeep for an easy camping experience.

Camping is a fun time for everyone. When it comes to getting out in the rugged outdoors, you want to be prepared for everything. Why not make it more fun by camping with a jeep? What other advantages have you found in jeep camping?

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