Where Are Becker Trailers Made

Written by Rob Rohena on November 23, 2016
ATC Trailers no longer making becker trailers

For years, we have enjoyed the friendly competition between Moore Custom Trailers and Becker Trailers.

The reason, we both sold the very best custom-made aluminum trailers on the planet.

That is, the ATC Raven Haulers, ATC Quest Haulers, and ATC Open Utility Hauler.

Sadly for Becker’s customers, effective January 1, 2017, the Aluminum Trailer Company has announced that Becker Trailers will no longer be an authorized ATC trailers dealer.

To them we say, thanks for the memories.

Where are Becker Trailers Made

Where to buy trailers once made for Becker customers now?

Naturally, this news might leave many ATC trailer customer wondering, whose is going to service our hauler now?

Just, because the Aluminum Trailer Company will not be manufacturing haulers for Becker Trailers to sell, does not mean you are out of luck.

Instead, ATC Trailers has notified it’s top dealers, so that we will reach out and help you with the transition.

And, yes, Moore Custom Trailers is one of the nations leading ATC Trailer dealers.

ATC Trailers no longer making becker trailers, buy aluminum trailers from Moore

In fact, Moore Custom Trailers has three (3) primary goals in 2017.

#1 – To continue delivering the best customer service in the industry

#2 – To offer only the highest quality aluminum trailers and haulers to our customers.

#3 – To become the top seller and service provider of ATC Trailers in the world.

And, on that note we say:

Welcome Becker Trailers Customers

Welcome all Becker Trailers’ Existing ATC Trailer Customers

Part of achieving this goal is attracting, and completely adding a “WOW-factor” for all of Becker Trailers existing ATC Trailer owners.

So, if you have any questions about your ATC Trailer, regardless of where you purchased it, turn to Moore Custom Trailers for the answers you need.

A Little Extra Always Goes A Long Way!

At Moore Custom Trailers we ask you to expect more!

Please do not hesitate to nudge us if you feel slighted in anyway.

We believe in delivering quality to our customers beyond the sale.

That said, as the weather gets colder, many of you head south for the winter.

Many also travel to family across the country for the holiday seasons ahead.

Be blessed and be safe.

And, here’s a bonus:

Some tips from travel experts to help you safely and sanely arrive at your destination.


Thank you for your time, business, and loyalty.

We look forward to serving all your custom aluminum trailer needs.


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