Cargo Management

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When it comes to space for cargo, not many people realize how much they may need. We have created this next section to give you a good idea on cargo management and the accessories that can assist you. Between bike racks that can hold multiple bikes or cargo carries with plenty of space, Moore’s offers it all. A few other accessories can add to the convenience and ease-of-use that comes when you are fully prepared.

Cargo Carriers

Often times you may find you are running out of storage space, even with a larger vehicle it can be hard to take everything you need along. Your cargo management is important to us, so you don’t feel as crammed on your journey. A cargo carrier or roof rack is the perfect addition to any vehicle in need of extra space. Constructed to fit a 1 1/4” or 2” trailer hitch receiver, the cargo carriers give you the option to mount in the rear or front. The cargo carriers provide a load capacity of up to 500 lbs. 6″ sides are added to give your basket carrier or roof mount additional security. You may even find you want to increase this storage. That is no problem, with a simple extension piece you can give yourself additional space of up to 5 square feet, providing a total of 16 feet!

Cargo Carrier Basket Style Moores Custom Trailers Cargo Management

Cargo Straps

Securing down your cargo is essential when towing. Sometimes a few simple chords and straps are not enough to make your cargo safe and secure. In this type of cargo management it is important to use the proper cargo straps. Cambuckle straps and ratchet straps are the two different types of cargo straps able to give you a safe and frill-less experience. The lighter weight option comes to you as a cambuckle strap, durable, woven polyester makes this strap the best option against stretching and scraping. Perfect for fragile cargo because the user can directly influence the straps tension. Ratchet straps however, are made for your heavier duty loads and allow for higher tension when tightening. Each one is available in multiple different lengths along with fasteners like S-hooks, J-hooks and flat hooks.

Blue cargo Straps Cargo Management Moores Custom TrailersGreen Cargo Straps Cargo Managment Moores Custom Trailers


Tie-Down Rings

When using straps or any sort of tie-down you will see that proper attachment points will prove useful in the future. Rings, hooks, and brackets are all available to choose from. Whether you need rope rings, weld on pocket anchors, forged D-rings, or a convenient fold-away rope hook, Moore’s can provide it all. We even offer the option for recessed rings!

Curt Moores Custom Trailers Tie Down Rings Cargo ManagementCurt Tie Down Rings Mores Custom Trailers Cargo Management

Tray-Style Bike Racks

  • allows 2-4 bikes (Models Vary)
  • Tray-styles arms provide secure transportation and easier loading
  • Adjustable arms allow different bike heights and styles
  • Tilt-away frame for  access to the trunk or rear
  • compact storage allows it to Folds up
  • Anti-wobble shank
  •  Available with a 1 1/4” x 1 1/4” or 2” x 2” shank

Cargo Management Moores Custom Trailers Bike Rack Tray StyleTilt Up Bike Tray style rack Moores custom Trailers Cargo Management


Standard Bike Rack

  •  2-4 bikes capacity (Models Vary)
  • Removable arm extenders
  • Adjustable rubber Protects Bike Frame
  • Tilt-away frame provides access to trunk and rear
  • Fold-down arms allow for compact storage
  • Anti-wobble shank
  • Fits 1 1/4” x 1 1/4” and 2” x 2” Receivers

Standard Bike Jack Moores Custom Trailers Cargo ManagementStandard Bike Rack Fold Down Arms Moores Custom Trailers Cargo Management


Premium Bike Racks

  • 5 bike capacity (Models Vary)
  • Tapered arms allow for different bike sizes
  • Adjustable rubber cradles protect bike frame
  • Tilt-away frame allow for easy access to trunk
  • Fold-down arms allow for compact storage
  • Anti-wobble shank
  • Built-in reflectors
  • Fits only  2” x 2” receiver tubes

Premium Bike Racks Cargo Management Moores Custom TrailersPremium Bike Racks Cargo Management Moores Custom Trailers 1


Clamp-On Bike Racks

  • Bike Capacity of up to 3
  • Clamps quickly on any 2” x 2” ball mount shank
  • Adjustable rubber cradles protect bike frame
  • Easy-access release handle
  • Fold-down arms provide compact storage
  • Built-in reflectors

Moores Custom Trailers Clamp on Bike Rack Cargo ManagementClamp-on Bike Rack Moores Custom Trailers

Bolt-On Bike Rack

  • Up to a 2 Bike Capacity
  • Coated arms protect bike frame
  • Bolts onto 3/4” hole of any ball mount or step bumper
  • Tilt-away frame provides access to rear and trunk
  • Lockable arm allow for more security


Bolt on Bike Carrier Moores Custom Trailers Cargo ManagementBolt on foldable Bike Rack Moores Custom Trailers Cargo Management

Cargo Management is one of the most important parts of your towing set-up. We here at Moore’s Custom Trailers want to provide you with the proper material to make a informed decision. If you have any questions about any of the products or services we offer feel free to pick up the phone or come in to our location and speak with an expert!