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Advantages of Jeep Camping

Written by Jess Weaver on December 19, 2016

Camping is a way to get out in the wilderness and explore the beauty of nature. However, jeep camping is a whole other ballpark. Instead of just being in nature, you can really explore it all while in a jeep. Here are the advantages of jeep camping: You can Explore More When you have a […]

First Time Buyers Guide

Written by Rob Rohena on December 19, 2016
First time Buyers Guide Featured Image Moores Custom trailers

Guide to the right direction When Choosing any recreational vehicle it can be hard to decide what best fits you, with many different options in today market choosing the right RV or camper may get confusing and downright frustrating. Thats why we have created a comprehensible guide for that first time buyer. Whether your just […]

Where Are Becker Trailers Made

Written by Rob Rohena on November 23, 2016
ATC Trailers no longer making becker trailers

For years, we have enjoyed the friendly competition between Moore Custom Trailers and Becker Trailers. The reason, we both sold the very best custom-made aluminum trailers on the planet. That is, the ATC Raven Haulers, ATC Quest Haulers, and ATC Open Utility Hauler. Sadly for Becker’s customers, effective January 1, 2017, the Aluminum Trailer Company […]