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Sometimes when towing you will find you need more specialized equipment to get the job done. Special equipment becomes useful when you are towing a larger load.  Most of the times this happens with goosenecks and fifth wheels. Moore’s Custom Trailers is here to inform you on all the specialized towing equipment necessary for certain applications.

 Weight Distribution Hitches

In the world of specialized towing you will find that a weight distribution hitch is one of the most essential hitches that a tow rig can have. This specialized towing hitch provides an improved control over your vehicle and trailer. The hitch does this by distributing the weight across the trailers axles evenly. The simplicity of this hitch allows it to mount into the receiver tube opening. After the weight distribution hitch is inserted into the receiver, it is then time to attach the two spring bars to the trailer’s A-frame. In doing this, the hitch will now lift upon the back of the vehicle. The lift provided by the spring bars give you leveling for both the vehicle and heavy trailer. These particular towing hitches are compatible with class 3, 4, 5, Xtra Duty, Commercial Duty and even a RV hitch. The weight distribution hitches are available in either a trunnion bar style or round bar style.

Weight Distribution image Moores Custom Trailers specialized towing

Pintle Hitches

A pintle hitch is known for its versatile use and high towing capacity. A pintle hitch can tow through a vast amount of terrain and is commonly used in industries that tend to go off-road. A pintle hitch is fairly simple like many in this category. Attached to the trailer is a ring also known as the lunette eye. The lunette eye attaches to the pintle hook of the tow vehicle. Pintle hitches are known for being versatile for a reason, and are capable of towing 10,000-60,000 pounds, depending on the capacity of the hitch. Multiple mounting holes can be provided for an adjustable feature. It wouldn’t be versatile if the pintle hitch didn’t offer multiple different mounting styles. Whether its a channel-style, mount style, drawbar-style or the lunette eyes with nuts, the pintle hitch is available in multiple configurations.

Pintle Hitches Moores Custom Trailers specialized towing


As you know couplers come in many sizes and shapes. When it comes to specialized towing however, there are a few more features that can be added to the couplers. We want to offer more peace of mind down the road. A lockable latch can be provided for more assurance that your coupler is secure. You may even need an adjustable channel coupler to accommodate many different heights. In some instances however you may be forced  to replace a broken coupler latch, if that is the case we even offer a coupler repair kit that will allow for and effective fix.

Adjustable sleeve channel lock coupler Moores Custom Trailers Specialized TowingLockable Coupler Moores Custom Trailers specialized Towing


When it comes to trailer jacks, they are simply one of the most crucial elements in the towing industries. Whether you want one that can be wheeled or one without, you have a choice of either. A few jacks and options available to you include a pipe mount, bracket mount, A-frame jacks, marine jacks and square jacks. You may even find it more cost effective to repair your old jack, we here at Moore’s can accommodate you for that as well. So if your in the market for a new jack or simply want to fix your old beat up one, we  have the components and products to get you there!

Direct Weld Trailer Jack Specialized towing Moores Custom TrailersMarine Jack with Wheel Moores Custom Trailers Specialized Towing

ATV Towing

One of the more unique items we offer come as a complete line of products for towing with ATVs. Starter Kits, Ball Mounts, Cargo Carriers, and Adapters are all available to you in this line. We all know space for equipment, and a ready to tow hitch are crucial when tackling the elements off-road. A 3-in-1 ball mount, pin and clip, and bolt on receiver are all included in the starter kits we offer. Pick up the phone and call us today and find out how we can help your specialized towing needs!

ATV Towing Kit Moores Custom Trailers Specialized TowingATV Cargo Carrier Moores Custom Trailers Specialized Towing

Trailer Components

A few additional specialized towing accessories include, safety chains, cargo straps, tie down rings, and even hand winches. We even offer a variety of different hooks like snap hooks, clevis hooks, S-hooks, Joining hooks, quick links and even additional options like a safety latch or wire latch we can provide every component you need to complete the job. Bearing protectors, and trailer lighting kits are additional accessories we offer, in the event you want to rewire your trailer or prevent dirt and water from entering your bearings.