Towing Accessories

Towing Accessories Moore's Custom Trailers Nappanee Indiana

You may find in the world of towing that you may have a need for a few additional items. Adding some of these additional options with give you the finishing touches on our towing set-up. A few of these towing accessories will take your towing experience to new heights. Each one of these towing accessories that we will discuss will prove extremely useful when towing.

Towing Safety

After your towing set-up is complete with the essentials like a trailer hitch, ball mount, and trailer ball. It is then, you will find the need for safety chains, which are essential when towing safely.  Providing an addition “safety net”, safety chains make sure our trailer stays attached to your vehicle. When these chains are properly attached, they ensure that your coupler will not bash or scrap against the ground in the event that your trailer ball becomes unhooked. Here is how you properly attach your safety chains to your vehicle: Two chains are provided for you, which should be hooked to the opposite side that they are on. This will make a criss-cross underneath the coupler. In the event that it becomes unhooked, the criss-cross of the chains will catch the couple and prevent it from hitting the ground. In doing this, it can prevent your components from becoming damaged. Your safety chains need to exceed or meet the gross trailer weight that is provided for you to tow.

Proper Saftey Chains Set-up Moores Custom Trailers

Additional Towing Safety

In some instances you may find you need and extended view mirror to see further behind and beside you. In some cases you may need wheel chocks to safely prevent your vehicle and trailer from rolling away. Any additional towing safety can add to a good towing experience. When towing large trailers, a extended view mirror will help eliminate blind spots caused by having inadequate mirrors. Each of these mirrors allow for vertical or horizontal adjustments. Wheel chocks can be used on wheels that are up to 17″ wide. While the wheel chocks we offer are not for commercial use, they can still provide your trailer and vehicle with additional support.

Towing Mirrors Adjustable extended towing mirrors Moores Custom Trailers

Equipment Protection

Hitch Tube covers are available for both 1 1/4″ and 2” Receivers. Whether you want plastic or steel, either type is available in two different finishes, which are black or chrome. A friction fit tube covering is even available for a hassle-free covering. The friction fit tube covering does not require the use of a pin or clip.

Black Hitch Tube Covering Moores Custom TrailersChrome Hitch Tube Covering Moores Custom TrailersFriction Fit Hitch tube Covering Moores Custom Trailers

Additional Protection

If you want additional protection for your towing accessories, like your trailer ball then check out the trailer ball covers we offer. Fits 1 7/8”, 2” and even 2 5/16” trailer balls. Covers and a storage case are available for the switch ball trailer ball line. Protection from weather and the elements will prolong the life of your towing accessories.

In addition to this protection, Moore’s Custom Trailers offers bearing protectors. Bearing protectors will allow your wheels to stay well lubricated and functioning properly. This protector is a simple cap that prevents water and dirt from ruining your bearing. These towing accessories comes in numerous diameters, making it able to accommodate multiple different sizes. A dust-cover is also available to prolong the life of your bearings.

Bearing protector Moores Custom Trailers Towing Accessories

Installation Accessories

Sometimes you may find it more cost effective to “tweak” your towing set-up instead of buying all new components.  One set-up may not work great for the next. For example you may find you have a smaller shank diameter on your trailer ball, instead of buying a whole new set-up, a reducer bushings will provide you with a cost effective way to use the trailer ball that is slightly small. A reducer bushing is a very simple zinc ring that fits into your platform hole of your ball mount. This will ultimately reduce the diameter of the hole, which will provide you with a easy cost effective way to still use your towing accessories  without a whole new set-up. These reducer bushing come in sizes from 1” reduced down to 3/4″, 1 1/4″ reduced down to 1”, and also 1 3/8” reduced down to 1 1/4″.

Reducer Bushing Moores Custom Trailers Towing Accessories


Front Mount Accessories

In some circumstances you will discover the need for front towing accessories. When you get stuck or break down it is imperative that you have the proper equipment to get yourself back on track. Tow hooks, are some of the sturdiest accessories that you can utilize. Mounted on the front of your vehicle, a tow hook allows you to connect to a strap or rope in the event you need your vehicle to be pulled out.

Tow Hook Moores Custom Trailers Nappanee Indiana

 Additional Front Mount Accessories

Another useful front mount towing accessories is the step pad. This anti-skid step mounts directly to a hitch on the front of your vehicle. Whether you are working on your engine or reaching your roof, the step mount provides a sturdy platform for multiple operations. Fits a 2” x 2” receiver opening. A few additional items that Moores Custom Trailer can provide are:

  • license plate holder
  • skid shield
  • spare tire mount
  • winch accessories

Each one is designed to fit into your front mount hitch, so that you are prepared for any task at hand.

Step Pad Moores Custom Trailers Towing Accessories

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