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Electrical products are crucial when it comes to towing your trailer. Moore’s Custom Trailers believes that in order to achieve peak performance, it is important to have quality components.

More than that it is important to have electrical components that can withstand the duty’s of a towing lifestyle. Durability, performance, and heat resistance are just a few of the characteristics that make the electrical converters and wiring harnesses we carry worth while.

Below we will discuss the various electrical components that are necessary for towing conveniently and most of all safely.

Electrical Connectors

Moore’s custom trailers carries a variety of connectors. From a 2-way flat plug up to a 7-way round plug. Our electrical connectors provide use for both trailer and vehicle ends. Our electrical connectors we offer feature a strong molded rubber construction, along with bonded wires. Some connectors however are not always compatible when you have two different types of connectors, use of an adapter is a solution to this problem. Many simple trailers and haulers tend to use four wires. This provides control over turn signals, tail lights, and brake lights. Plugs with five, six and seven wires can provide auxiliary power, backup lights, and electric brakes.

4-Way Plug

Providing the basic electrical and lighting functions, come to you as a 4-way plug. As mentioned before they perform the simple tasks of working Brake lights, Tail Lights, and Turn signals. A flat or round plug are the two options that these connectors are available in.

Flat Style Plug Moores Custom Trailers ElectricalRound Plug Moores Custom Trailers Electrical


5-way connectors

A 5-way connector are provide the same functions as a 4-way connector which include, brake lights, turn signals, and tail lights. In addition to this however, a 5-way will provide the ability to use reverse lights and back-up lights. A five way connector may become especially useful when surge brakes are present. 5-way plugs are available in a flat style plug.

5-way Flat connector Moores custom Trailers Electrical

6-Way Connectors

Like many in this category the the 6-way connector is available in a two different styles. These particular plugs are available in either a square or round style . A 6-way provides the same connections as its predecessors. Which include turn signals, brake lights, tail lights, and even a 12-volt connection for reverse lights. These connectors are typically found on 5th wheels and gooseneck trailers. The 6-way connectors also provide use with electric brakes. Find out More at Moore’s Custom Trailers, our experts are on standby if you have any questions.

6-way Sqaure connectors Moores custom Trailers ElectricalSix way Round Plug Moores Custom Trailers Electrical

7-Way connectors

The 7-way connectors give you all the necessity’s and then some. The 7-way provides you with the main functions like brake lights, tail lights, turn signals, reverse lights, and even your electric brakes. The 7-way plug also provides you with an extra wire to power auxiliary items. Towing a RV with this type of plug is exceptionally useful. In addition to this connector, there is also a 7-way RV blade, which is specifically made for RVs but has the ability to be used with virtually anything, from large boats, RVs and goosenecks, all the way down to utility trailer. The 7-way plug is the full meal deal.

7-way plug Moores Custom Trailers Electrical7 Way RV Blade Plug Moores Custom Trailers Electrical


When towing, you may find that your connection from your vehicle to your trailer may not always fit. When this problem arises, it is important that you have the correct adapter. Having the correct adapter provides you with the ability switch from plugs that are opposing, to plugs that will connect. We will now provide you with a comprehensible chart,provided by Curt, that will help identify the adapter needed, in order for your connections to work together.

Adapters Connectors Moores Custom Trailers Electrical


Moore’s Custom Trailers offers converters that are constructed to be an easy hassle-free solution. These electrical converters are built to convert an electrical system with 3 wires on a vehicle, down to a regular 2-wire trailer light system.  You may find in many situations that trailers operate under a fairly simple system, in return that does not allow the two (a 2-wire and a 3-wire) systems to connect. That is why a simple converter can solve this issue. You ma also find separate wiring for electrical systems like brake lights, turn signals, and tail lights when it comes to the simple 2-3 wire systems.


Converter 2-3 wire system Moores Custom trailers electrical 1


Brake Controls

We have covered the necessity’s required for safe towing. One item that stands out above the rest,comes to you as an electrical brake control system. These electrical brake control systems offer a variety of heavier load solutions. Whether you are hauling 5th wheels, goose-necks, or heavier bumper pulls, an electrical brake control system provides a perfect solution to braking safely. These systems provides increased stopping power by allowing your trailer to stop, simultaneously as you stop in the vehicle. These unique systems feature a motion sensing accelerator that will allow precise power adjustments when inclining or declining. These systems include nine different levels of sensitivity depending on our driving conditions and loads. Each electrical brake control systems is compatible with low-voltage or pulse width modulation systems to provide you with a versatile unit. A variety of mounting angles provides you with multiple placement options on your dash.

Triflex Electrical braking system diagram Moores custom Trailers Electrical

A Note From Curt Manufacturers States;

“When purchasing a brake control for your vehicle, it is necessary to also buy the correct brake control harness. A brake control harness is essentially an electrical component that allows you to plug your brake controller into your specific vehicle type. CURT brake control harnesses are available for most makes and models and eliminate the need for complicated splicing.”

If you have any questions feel free to call one of our experts here at Moor’s Custom Trailers!

Electrical Components

There are many other electrical components when it comes to towing, while the are not crucial to have they may be useful if ou need them.

These include:

  • Circuit Breakers
  • Fuses
  • mounting brackets
  • terminals
  • custom vehicle-to-trailer wiring harnesses (avoids splicing and provides a direct connection and fit)
  • tail light converters ( adapts your lights to standard trailer light wiring)
  • push-to-test breakaway kits (provides safety in the event your trailer and trailer hitch become separated)
  • custom vehicle-to-trailer wiring harnesses(4-way to 7-way round or flat plugs)

We here at Moore’s Custom Trailers are on stand-by to provide you with answers to any questions or concerns you may have. So give us a call today or stop in at our location in Nappanee Indiana!