Towing Security

Towing Security has become one of the most essential part of a towing set-up. Towing security is not something you should overlook, it can mean the difference between your rig being safe or dangerous. Below we will discuss the simple components that make up towing security.

Pins and Clips

One of the most basic components of towing security come to you as a simple pin and clip. Pin and clips are constructed to make ball mounts and accessories secure to your trailer hitch. A slightly curved handle allows for ease-of-use operations. You can even choose between a swivel style hitch clip or standard style. A rubber coating can also be provided for a more slip resistant grip. They are not only¬† useful for hitches and ball mounts, but prove handy when it comes to jacks, casters, and even couplers. Included with these are a 12″ chain. This chain will provide you with a easy way to keep track of your pin by making sure it stays connected with the trailer.

Hitch Pin Moores Custom Trailers Towing SecuritySwivel Pin Hitch Pin Moores Custom Trailers Towing Security


In some instances you may find that your towing set-up is not worth losing or getting stolen. When this happens you may want to invest in a hitch lock that is effective. A choice between a deadbolt or barbell style are available to you when looking. The towing security provided by a lock can mean saving money in the long run. Operations are fairly simple and easy. A 1/4-turn activation can ensure the lock. If you find in your towing set-up that you have an adjustable channel style ball mount, you may want to use a channel style lock. A channel style lock will provide ultimate protection for your mount, and is specifically designed for it. Coupler locks are very similar, and will provide excellent security on your trailer. This type of lock is constructed to fit latch-type couplers.

Towing Security Moores Custom Trailers Coupler LockCoupler Lock Moores Custom Trailers Towing SecurityDead Bolt Hitch Lock Moores Custom Trailers Towing SecurityBarbell Hitch Lock Towing security Moores Custom Trailers

Additional locks

Many times when hauling boats or off-road toys, you may find your not always at your trailer to watch over it. Whether your at a campground, pit stop, or boat dock will most likely have a use for a trailer lock. These particular locks are constructed to prevent a coupler from attaching to a trailer ball. In doing this, you will find your trailer can only be towed by you and at your leisure. For some of your larger trailers however, we offer a kingpin universal lock. This type of lock is designed for 5th wheel trailers, and performs the same action by preventing a coupler from attaching to a trailer ball.

Coupler Trailer Locks Moores Custom Trailers Towing SecurityCoupler Lock Moores Custom Trailers Towing Security 1Kingpin Lock Moores Custom Trailers Towing Security

General Towing Security

When it comes to simple and easy to use security, you will see that a wheel lock is an excellent choice for a trailer or camper unattended. These locks are some of the most universal locks on the market. A wheel lock features an easy to use adjustable width. This adjustable width can be used for a variety of vehicles and will virtually fit anything. Included in this category is a multi-use security cable, perfect for locking mountain bikes or other general items.

Wheel Lock Towing Security Moores Custom Trailer


We here at Moore’s Custom Trailer are dedicated to providing you with the information and products you need in order to have a towing set-up that is easy to use and effective. Please feel free to give us a call or stop in at our location in Nappanee Indiana!